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Hello, Agents! I’m sorry that I didn’t blog for a long time. It was because there was a virus in my computer. We had a hard time destroying it. The virus is still in our computer but we’ll fix it soon. Please forgive me. Now I have to go.

P.S. Remember to be on my birthday, we’re gonna have lots of fun!

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24


Over 50 hits!

Hello, Agents! The hits of my blog are higher than I thought, it seems to have over 50 hits! When the hits of this blog reaches to at least 99 I would really appreciate it! I know other blogs have higher hits but I still appreciate you for raising the hits of this website. And thank you all for enjoying my website!

Until then…Keep up the good work AND have fun in my birthday!

-Agent Number 24 alias”The birthday boy”

Big Event: My Birthday

Hello, Agents! My birthday will come on June 18 and everyone’s invited. Agent Number 52, special reporter for the Agent Times and the Agent News Network channel, is gonna be there to interview with me and the other Agents. We will make a GIANT birthday cake (similar to the one we made in the GSA’s 100th birthday) and there will be a free item which is not to be revealed until the party. But in since it’s gonna be my party… alright, the item is a party hat and a certificate for going into my party. Anyway, I have to go.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

5th Agent Annual Meeting today!

Hello, Agents! I’ve got some good news and bad news. The 5th annual meeting won’t start until next week but the Director of Agents said he will start it right now. It’s a very big meeting because as you know, there are 111,892 Agents. We are also holding a party! The sad news about the party is that only members of the Spy Staff and the Agent Moderating Network are allowed. Anyway, I have to go.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

Mission complete!

Hello, Agents! We had just retrieved the hyperthermonetical project! Now I am able to package it to Agent Number 15 for testing and analysing in NASA. And the files…the files really weren’t stolen at all! I forgot that I removed all the files from the file cabinet and put them in my bed because I wanted to rearrange my room. So the files weren’t a problem at all. And our website is still hacked but Agent Number 15 said he will find a way to stop the website from getting hacked. He said he will download an anti-virus and anti-hacker program. The one who hacked the website was found out to be the same person who stole the hyperthermonetical project. He hacked the website so we can’t contact other Agents or give them information. He was messing with my account because he knew that I’m one of the website’s best moderator and staff employee. I have a staff certificate, an inventor certificate, and a moderator certificate! So anyway, that’s all, and I have to go.

P.S. My birthday is almost coming! It’s on June 18.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

The Hyperthermonetical Project…stolen?

Hello, Agents! Someone had just stole the hyperthermonetical project I was working on at my office. It was last seen atop my file cabinet. I was about to package it to Agent Number 15 for analysing and testing in NASA until I revieved a very important phone call so I left it on my file cabinet. When I returned it was gone! So were the files in my file cabinet! Someone has also been hacking in our Agent website (which shall remain unnamed because only Agents can enter the site, and most of the people who visit this blog are usally non-Agents) and messing with my account there. Anyway, I have to go.

P.S. It says “The #2 website with all the information you need” because the #1 website with all the information you need is our Agent website, too bad it’s a little hacked.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

New version of the SpyPen Pinpointer!

Hello, Agents! Agent Number 24 said he created a new version of the SpyPen Pinpointer. He said it may look a little the same but it can do different stuff. It’s called the Spy Pentop Mini-PC! We’re giving some of these free today! But only today, tomorrow we won’t give free ones anymore. But maybe you can get a chance to purchase it in the Spy Mart or the SPYCORP Cybertronics Spy Store (the store build by Agent Number 15 near the dump in the street). He said that we can download the Agent CCTV (Creative Camera Television) with the Spy Pentop Mini-PC. So anyway, I have to go. I am late for another important meeting with the boss. Also,I won’t be blogging for two days until May 9th because I’m going on an Agent camping trip.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

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