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Map discovery!

Hello, Agents! It’s Agent Number 24 here! Agent Number 28 and his team found the lost map, so now we can all see the secret chamber! In fact, we’re having a party right now. I’m using my GSA Spy laptop to blog. We’re preparing a construction on the secret chamber. We’re expanding it. Everything is old but it still works! It was created by one Agent named Agent Number 11. I’ve heard he was one of the best…I also heard that he disappeared 2 years ago. I would like to explain more but I have to go…my mission alert watch is tingling.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24


Secret Chamber found…then lost!

Hello, Agents! One Agent (Agent Number 20) found a secret chamber in the Agent Headquarters that no one has ever been to. Not even the boss, the chief, or the Director of Agents! The Agent who found the secret chamber was a Spy Guard. He was scanning the area when he detected the passage to the secret chamber. Then he closed the passage to the secret chamber and he went to the Director of Agent’s office and told him but when he went back…he forgot where the passage was. He tried to scan the area again but his scanner was jammed! He said that before he left for the office, he sketched a map but when he returned, the map flew away. Your mission is to find the map for him so we can all see the secret chamber. Report to the meeting area in the Agent Headquarters. There, chosen Agents shall form their own searching team to find the map. Good luck!

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

Over 50 hits!

Hello, Agents! The hits of my blog are higher than I thought, it seems to have over 50 hits! When the hits of this blog reaches to at least 99 I would really appreciate it! I know other blogs have higher hits but I still appreciate you for raising the hits of this website. And thank you all for enjoying my website!

Until then…Keep up the good work AND have fun in my birthday!

-Agent Number 24 alias”The birthday boy”

Big Event: My Birthday

Hello, Agents! My birthday will come on June 18 and everyone’s invited. Agent Number 52, special reporter for the Agent Times and the Agent News Network channel, is gonna be there to interview with me and the other Agents. We will make a GIANT birthday cake (similar to the one we made in the GSA’s 100th birthday) and there will be a free item which is not to be revealed until the party. But in since it’s gonna be my party… alright, the item is a party hat and a certificate for going into my party. Anyway, I have to go.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24

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