The Hyperthermonetical Project…stolen?

Hello, Agents! Someone had just stole the hyperthermonetical project I was working on at my office. It was last seen atop my file cabinet. I was about to package it to Agent Number 15 for analysing and testing in NASA until I revieved a very important phone call so I left it on my file cabinet. When I returned it was gone! So were the files in my file cabinet! Someone has also been hacking in our Agent website (which shall remain unnamed because only Agents can enter the site, and most of the people who visit this blog are usally non-Agents) and messing with my account there. Anyway, I have to go.

P.S. It says “The #2 website with all the information you need” because the #1 website with all the information you need is our Agent website, too bad it’s a little hacked.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24


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