Mission solved!

Hello, Agents! I am glad to tell you that one of our Agents, Agent Number 133, has just succeeded the mission. We are beginning construction on the Agent Headquarters. We are expanding it. We are also assigning Agent Number 27 to fix all our machines. And Agent Number 21, leader of all the Technology Officers and the Spy Staff, is glad to help on the construction and to fix the machines. We also have some new Agent stuff, including: Agent T-shirts, Agent pens, Agent books, Agent wall art, and other cool Agent stuff! And I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you that we were having construction on a new room the past few weeks. Today that new room is now opended! It is an Agent store called the Spy Mart. Tomorrow also marks the day of the first Secret Agent Invention Expo. Whoever creates the most creative, cool, and nicest gadget with loads of cool and interesting facts wins the Agent Invention Expo 2007 Trophy! We have new greeting cards at the Agent Post Office. There will also be free items at the Expo. That free item is…oops! I am not supposed to reveal the new item yet or I’ll get in trouble. I would want to give you a few more info but I’m now in HUGE trouble with the boss.

Until then…Keep up the good work!

-Agent Number 24


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